Superiority of Robbins's definition of Economics

Robbin's definition of economics is regraded as the superior definition on the following ways

1Scarcity definition
Robbin's definition is concerned as a more scientific because if is far away from classificatory.It doesn't concern such vague(unnecessary)expression such as material,immaterial,economics ,noneconomic etc activities.It has studies human activities as a whole not particular part of them.

2Wider scope
Robbin's definition has weeded the scope of economics according to his definition economics is a neutral between the ends .The end maybe noble,ignoble,material,immaterial,economics,noneconomic etc.It is not concern with the similarities it studies all types of people whey they live in society or out of society.

3Universal applicable
Robbin's definition is universally applicable in any form of economics like communist economics,capitalist economics is present in all types of economy and all types of countries.

4Positive science
Robbin's definition of economics has regraded as a positive science.It studies all types of human activities whether are harmful or beneficial.It studies all the economic activities without concerning with welfare.

5Science of choice
The best aspect of this definition is that it regraded economics as a science of choice it is the best method of solving the economics problems by utilizing limited means for the fulfillment of unlimited wants.


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