.Dissimilarities between Marshall's and Robbins's definition of Economics

Marshall's definition

1Definition of material welfare
according to Marshall economics studies those human activities they are related to the material welfare.

Robbin's definition
1Definition of scarcity
according to Robbins economics studies those human activities which are related to allocation of
scarce means(resource).

Marshall's definition
2Classificatory definition
Marshall's definition is classificatory since it has classified human activities as a material(activities which can be measure in terms of money) and non material.

Robbin's definition
according to Robbins economics is a positive science since it studies all types of activities which are good or bad,harmful or beneficial.

Marshall's definition
3Social science
Marshall's definition of economics is concern with social science because it studies only those people who live in society.

Robbin's definition
3Human science
Robbin's definition of economics is a human science,it studies all types of people where they live in society or out of society.

Marshall's definition
since this definition bounded economics inside the boundary of society,so it is more pragmatic.

Robbin's definition
4since this definition is abstract in nature,so it is more theoretical.


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